Cyber Security expert to guide strategy

Feb 27, 2023, Calgary, Canada – Mark Wilson, international cyber security specialist, IBM® Z mainframe expert and Technical Director of Vertali Limited will join the Board of Directors at MainTegrity Inc. He will support the company in strategy and development for its flagship cyber security product FIM+.

Bringing deep knowledge and hands-on experience of the cyber threat landscape worldwide, Wilson’s appointment further strengthens MainTegrity’s partnership with Vertali, which is growing rapidly as a global provider of mainframe services, software and expertise.

Few if any other providers have as much expertise as Mark, and the Vertali team, in mainframe infrastructure, software and security,” says Al Saurette, CEO of MainTegrity. “Mark will bring his industry insight and thought leadership to help shape the strategic direction of FIM+ and our other products. In these times of severe staff shortages, we will have priority access to experts who can implement our cyber security solutions in record time.

Mark Wilson says, “I’m delighted to be joining the MainTegrity Board. Organizations today must provide uninterrupted IT services for millions of customers, 24/7, with mainframes as the backbone of so many sectors. Credit / debit processing, reservations systems, government services all depend on IBM equipment as the final authority on data elements like your bank balance, national defense, and ATMs. Together, we’ll deliver a valuable new layer of cyber security that makes the world a safer place.