Malicious Encryption Defense

Fight back against Ransomware - new z/OS malicious encryption defense

Cybersecurity pioneer MainTegrity Inc. today announces a revolutionary step forward for the IT industry in the battle against ransomware. MainTegrity FIM+® software can now detect and help neutralize the most common type of ransom attack, malicious encryption. Encryption can be valuable in defense against cyber-attacks on business data. However, it can be weaponized in the hands of unscrupulous criminals or rogue state entities. This solution provides breakthrough technology to identify malicious encryption processes in their first seconds of operation. Legitimate encryptions are allowed to proceed unimpeded, but those not recognized are immediately suspended. A real-time alert is sent to security staff which allows them to either resume the process, from the point of suspension, or if the encryption is of unknown origin, immediately initiate automated corrective actions.

Rather than waiting hours or days for conventional tools customers can react immediately, limiting the damage done to sensitive data by orders of magnitude.

FIM+ V2.2 provides this z/OS-centric capability, as well as protection against mass delete, suspicious user behavior and so much more.

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