FIM+ Fact Sheet V2.2

New Release Spotlight: MainTegrity FIM+® V2.2 Fact Sheet

In a significant leap forward for cybersecurity, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest release of MainTegrity FIM+® V2.2 through an insightful fact sheet. This guide explores the cutting-edge features in the newest iteration, empowering cybersecurity professionals, IT leaders, and decision-makers. From advanced threat detection to seamless integration with top-tier mainframe security tools, this fact sheet reveals the innovation embedded in the latest release. For organizations striving to stay ahead in the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, this document is your essential resource for harnessing the enhanced capabilities of MainTegrity FIM+® Early Warning.

Enhanced Mainframe Ransom Attack Defense:

A standout feature in this release is FIM+ Early Warning’s advanced defense against ransom attacks, redefining mainframe ransomware protection. Swift detection and neutralization of malicious encryption processes within seconds set a new standard for proactive cybersecurity. The fact sheet provides an in-depth exploration, emphasizing how FIM+ significantly reduces response time, minimizing potential damages to sensitive data.

Zero Trust Foundations Strengthened:

Building upon Zero Trust foundations, the latest FIM+ release emphasizes trust verification, particularly crucial for mitigating mainframe insider threats. This approach ensures that no malware infiltrates critical components, offering a paradigm shift in security. As Zero Trust frameworks gain prominence in cybersecurity, FIM+ becomes a vital ally, enhancing the organization’s resilience against evolving insider threats.

Seamless Integration and Improved Recovery:

Highlighted in the fact sheet are FIM+‘s seamless integration capabilities with ServiceNow®, Remedy®, Splunk®, and QRadar®, reinforcing its role in comprehensive mainframe ransomware protection. The document showcases how FIM+ enables intuitive recovery with its browser-based GUI, offering swift responses to potential security breaches. This latest release isn’t merely an update; it represents a leap forward in mainframe cybersecurity, simplifying audits, improving recovery processes, and providing unmatched visibility.

Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance:

For organizations navigating the complex landscape of data protection and security standards, the fact sheet outlines how FIM+ assists in compliance, specifically addressing mainframe insider threats. With enhanced reporting capabilities, FIM+ delivers a comprehensive overview of components verified as correct, streamlining audits and reducing compliance risks effectively.

Explore the fact sheet for an in-depth understanding of how the latest release of FIM+® elevates mainframe cybersecurity resilience. Download now and fortify your organization with top-tier mainframe ransomware protection and enhanced defense against insider threats.